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Oct 1

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a comment followed by [mic drop] that wasn’t completely idiotic.

Oct 1
Yet he still managed to do more for the cause of liberty than any of the anarchists who complain about him.

Yet he still managed to do more for the cause of liberty than any of the anarchists who complain about him.

Oct 1

Hearing women talk about all the great things they would do if they were men reminds me of people who say they wish they’d been born in the middle ages so they could live in a castle and wear armor and go to feasts.

No, you’d probably die before age five, and if you survived that, you’d probably be a peasant and die of the plague later.

Yeah, the people who run for president are more likely to be men, but being a man doesn’t get you shit unless you meet a lot of other qualifications.

Oct 1

What would you do if you woke up and you had a dick and a hairy chest and big bones and muscles and a beard and everyone thought you were a man?



Get a job, run for President and walk alone at night without carrying mace and looking over my shoulder.

I’d also take the opportunity to travel to places a woman can never go unaccompanied; I’d travel alone, I’d see Tunisia and Morocco and go skiing in Iran and see Russia and Mexico and camp alone.

You say this like I’d wake up shocked and horrified and appalled, but all it means to me is that I’d be free:

Free to leave dishes in the sink knowing someone else will handle them, free to have a sense of humour and take up space and not have men harass me and creep at me and make rape jokes, and free to hold a woman’s hand in public and not fear for my life.

Free to make more money, do more things, meet more people. I’d be a Human, not a woman.

Oh look, a women who is an authority on the experience of living as a man.

You can get a job, sure, as long as its in an industry where its socially acceptable for men to work. Try to get a job in childcare and watch everyone assume you’re a pedophile.

The vast, vast majority of men could never possibly get taken seriously as a presidential candidate. If you were to take the percentage of men who run for president and compared it to the women who do the same, I’d bet it’s the same string of zeroes to the third decimal place at least.

I used to ride my bike home from work after midnight through a rough neighborhood. I looked over my shoulder; I carried a weapon; I took safety percautions. Men are more likely to be the victims of a physical assault than women. The fact that you feel like you’re in more danger doesn’t mean that you actually are, nor does it mean that men don’t feel the same. The male gender role is the present yourself as fearless and take risks, which is just as bad as being pressured to always be afraid.

I can’t speak on traveling. Yeah, you’re probably better off not going to countries where women are actually the victims you imagine yourself to be.

Leaving dishes in the sink? Seriously? Growing up, if I left my dishes in the sink I was made to hand wash them myself. When I was living with a male roommate, I had to clean my own dishes. Now that I’m married, I still have to wash most of the dished myself because my wife and I decided that dishes were part of my responsibility. No, being a man doesn’t get you out of doing the dishes yourself.

 This whole list is ridiculous, and OP hasn’t the slightest clue what kind of burden the male gender role imposes.

Switching to a different set of chains is not the same as being free.

Oct 1




if I was dating a girl shorter than me when we went out we’d look like a couple of children on a playdate

I’d rather it just look like I’m out with my babysitter

you just want a tall girl so you can climb her

i really do

Song of Solomon 7:6-9


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The only requirement for a market to be “free” is to not have government intervention. So in theory, like David Friedmans Machinery of Freedom, a self-regulating body that does exactly what the Fed does (but without government) could exist. In theory

That definition really goes against what the mainstream conception of a “free-market” is.

A free-market does have government intervention.  A free-market is where the government enforces private property and contractual agreements, but leaves everything else to the people.

Friedman’s view of the world is where the market itself provides those things.  Not only is it unrealistic, but it isn’t a “free-market” unless one starts to engage in a No True Scotsman fallacy.

Wait, so if Friedman’s ideas could work out, and we had an economy with no government with market actors enforcing property rights and contracts, that wouldn’t constitute a free market?


new sub-subgenre of math rock where music makes very little sense, leaving the listener confused and their parents angry: commoncore.

I remember when I was doing 3rd grade math, and the textbook was teaching problem solving strategies. The question would be something like

Bob owns 6 more ducks than chickens. The total number of chickens and ducks he owns is 18. How many ducks does he own? Use the ‘guess and check’ strategy.

I’d end up writing “(18 - 6) ÷ 2 = ? chickens” in the margins. Without knowing the conventional forms, I had figured out some algebra by myself.

My point is not that I’m super smart, but that kids that figure this kind of thing out without having to be taught it in the classroom.

You can tell for whose benefit an institution is run by looking at who gets the closest parking spaces. At universities the students get the most distant spaces, administrators and faculty the closest. At Wal-Mart, they ask the employees to park away from the entrance.

- Dwight Lee (via laliberty)